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Hi and welcome!
I'm charlotte, a professional painter, food photographer, stylist, and recipe developer.
I will show you recipes that are easy to cook and never boring...

Sanda Stanacev Bajzek,
Curator Galerja Majek / Zagreb, Kroatien about me:

„Culinary art is her second favourite passion from which she often draws inspiration for painting. She runs many cooking and culinary presentation workshops, as well as painting workshops that take place in her studio and in which she promotes painting as a creative discipline, strongly influencing human mind and psyche.

She favours landscapes and still life, frequently uses food items as motifs, while her work explores symbolism and signification as segments of national identity of the region where she lives, focusing on objects from everyday life in the past, such as black cloth aprons or tin transport bowls. She includes tradition in her work by means of appropriation as well as of old objects, of recycling goods to create a reanimation of these objects into our visual culture.“